Wednesday, November 10

Well hi!

Obviously, a little over 2 months ago, I decided to take a hiatus from blogging for an undetermined amount of time.  Recently though, Bruce has begun "pestering" me to get back into it, so here I am.  I wonder if you've missed me...

I wish I could tell you that in my absence, I've been doing something amazing and exciting and world-changing.  I wish I could tell you that, but I can't. 

I've just been living life, I guess you'd say.

Adjusting to being an associate pastor's wife is not as easy as I'd thought!  But I am definitely learning things.  There have been many moments when Bruce and I have wanted to go back to being just the college pastor and wife, and we do see that happening again for us.  But right now, God has chosen Bruce to be an Associate Pastor for a while.  So we are just gleaning as much as we can.  Stretching and growing.  And seeking His guidance.

The college peeps continue to be a huge blessing.  It always strikes me how different each semester is and how God surprises us with things.  Decisions to re-connect with God, lessons taught and learned, grad school decisions, break-ups and new couplings, new friends...  These students are an absolute treasure!  We've been keeping in touch with and even seeing some of the students who have already graduated.  It's an interesting thing, seeing them "feel" their way through the world. My heart is full. 

I have become absolutely ADDICTED to Angry Birds.  It's this wonderful slingshot game on my Droid where you fling different birds at evil pigs.  Sounds ridiculous, I know.  But I LOVE IT! 

A few weeks ago, I found out that I have chronic fatigue syndrome.  It's no fun.  I'm almost always tired, and have other symptoms like joint pain and such.  Couldn't make it to work some days.  Didn't feel like trying other days.  Didn't want to talk to anyone or see anyone.  I was feeling really depressed and sorry for myself, and it was a dark and ugly time.  But Bruce sternly but lovingly reminded me that God calls us in spite of ourselves, and in spite of any thorns in our sides.  In a recent sermon, he also reminded me that not only am I to serve God, I am to WORSHIP Him by serving - and that means through my ailments!  Hmm.  Good word, babe!

Fall is finally here, and it is glorious!  There is something cathartic to me about watching the world around me pass away in beauty.  Autumn makes me think of 2 Corinthians 5:17 - This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!  God's promises are overwhelmingly beautiful.

I guess that's it for now.  Hmm.  Feels good to be back in the blogger world.  I will be back in touch soon.  :)


momyof3girls said...

I have to say I have missed you!! Your blog is the only one I will definitely take time out to read! I love you! Sorry about the recent diagnoses. I know God will see you through.

I also love Angry Birds!!! :)

Have fun living life!!! I sure am!! Talk to you later!

Jocelyn said...

I missed your posts...glad you are back:-) Angry Birds sounds hilarious!!! Sounds like Bruce is doing an amazing job as asst. are you adjusting to being a pastor's wife? Love ya!!!

Monika said...

We're so blessed to have you & Bruce where God has led you both! I must check out angry birds, sounds up my alley. Sorry to hear about CFS, having no thyroid / adrenals - I truly know how you feel. Let me know if you're interested in hearing about some holistic approaches that have helped me. Hang in there!!