Friday, September 3

Work that Tail, Girl!

So apparently pigs are now being used as fashion models. Piglets, actually.

The piglets, sporting gorgeous jewels, will be in the September issue of Vogue Russia. And I have to admit that seeing these pigs all decked out in their luxurious baubles makes me want one (Look at the sweet eyes!). I must also admit that occasionally, when no one is around, I do dress my dogs in some of my long beaded and pearl necklaces to pretend they are “Ye Royal Russells” or I dress them in my heavy chains to pretend they are living “The Thug Dawg Life.” But I digress…

I am sure there is some “Cast your pearls before swine” reference to be made here, but that’s not the one that spoke to me this morning. This morning my heart was touched by the irony of the gorgeous, jewels decorating a common farm animal. I mean, piglets are cute and all, but do I really want my precious treasures hanging off their stinky ears or around their chubby, sweaty necks? No thanks. The pig just ain’t good enough for that, in my opinion.

And that’s another reason why I am glad God doesn’t think the way I do. He’s not as quick to withhold treasures from his children because of how they look, or think, or feel, or even what they do necessarily. He loves us unconditionally, and with a love so deep we cannot even fathom it. And even when we roll around in the muck of it all, and we stink and we are covered in heaven-knows-what, He reaches for us to embrace us with His entire being. In His heart, the jewels ain’t good enough for US!

And that’s a really cool thought. Oink.

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