Monday, August 30

miscellany monday - August 30

Miscellaneous bits from the past week…

one.  I have a new nail polish that is just making me ever so happy. It’s called “Fairy Teal” in Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure line. I painted my toes with it, and it’s just the perfect not-too-bright blue-green for my pigglies. I keep sticking my feet out at Bruce telling him to the gorgeousness of my toes, which he does of course!

two.  I have recently become addicted to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And I thought you all should know.

three.  The college peeps are all back in town, and we had a luncheon after church for them. So much fun! Small groups start this week, tonight and Thursday, and we’ve got 26 signed up – including 13 who were not part of small group last semester. YAY! I just love those kids!!!

four.  I went antiquing Friday afternoon. That’s not usually something I would do, but I was looking for some silver-plated spoons for an artsy project. I went to the Antique Market Place on Burnt Poplar Road, and I was overwhelmed by all the amazing stuff! Furniture, toys, dishes, and jewelry! Oh my gosh! - the JEWELRY!!! I must go back at a later date and with more money. Yet as excited as I was to see all the treasures, I found myself growing a little blue as I walked the store. I realized that many of the things I was seeing reminded me of Mom. And how I miss her so much.

five.  I want to make everyone aware of this cool penny-pinching site. Basically, you sign up, and every day you get one email. In the email will be one deal for a local business which you can either purchase within 24 hours or ignore. The deals are things like discounts to restaurants, ice cream parlors, maid services, oil changes, spa treatments, etc. All sorts of stuff! And the deals are pretty good. I bought a $25 gift certificate for a local upscale steak house for only $10. And I also bought a $12 gift certificate to a gelato place for only $5. I almost bought a maid deep-cleaning service ($179 value) for only $30, but couldn’t decide if I was really THAT lazy just yet (though I think I am). So check it out!

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Jocelyn said...

I love wandering around antique many fun things to find and look at! hhhmmm maybe I should go today:-)