Monday, April 25

10 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now

It’s a beautiful day today, and that of course has me longing to be out of the office. So many folks are still on Easter break, and I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the little work I do have. Here’s a list of 10 things I’d rather be doing right now.
  1. Walking on a beach – I went to school in Pensacola, FL, where the beach equals white sand and aqua water. Oh, so many sunburns (brought on by a thick slathering of baby oil, of course)! There’s something about the sounds and smells of the beach that just feels like heaven to me.
  2. Watching a scary movie – Horror movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. Especially vampire flicks. But sometimes, they get the better of me.
  3. Painting my fingernails – The last time I went to Ulta, I found my new favorite nail polish. It’s basically clear with multi-colored glitter. I feel like it’s a little party on my fingers.
  4. Baking something – My friend Jocelyn is ALWAYS baking it seems, and her amazing recipes make my mouth water. But my waistline needs to be shrinking, so I shall refrain.
  5. Hanging with Bruce – No matter what I do, even if I’m not doing anything, life is better with him around. I am really thankful to have such an amazing husband.
  6. Exploring a new town – I’ve always enjoyed going new places and seeing new things. Bruce is doing a wedding in Charleston at the end of May, and since we’ve never been there before, we are taking a few days just to explore. Can’t wait!
  7. Drinking a cup of coffee with a friend – Me loves the java. I have since college. And the only thing that makes it better is sharing it with a friend. Maybe one night this week….
  8. Sitting in a hot tub – ‘Nuff said.
  9. Creating art – Today I’d probably paint a little. I’m feeling pretty antsy, and I find that slathering paint on a canvas is quite soothing!
  10. Tickling a penguin - Watch this video, and I dare you to tell me that you don't want to as well.....

Monday, April 18

Thank You, My Friend

My friend Gerry passed away this morning.

A few years ago, she was going through a very tough time, and, in a bout of inspiration, I wrote her the following piece.  I thought it was fitting to share now.   

Musings on Grass

From the front porch of my house, I have watched the grass in the horse field experience life within this great big world in its own unique way. I have seen it stand tall and strong and golden in the warmth of the sun. I have seen it provide strength and nourishment for birds and deer and other creatures needing sustenance. I have seen it shiver in the chill of rain. I have seen it bow down low and humble in the face of a strong wind, only to stand back up again when the wind has passed. I have seen the grass fade into shades of beige and rust in the autumn and then die off in the winter, only to return, more lush and full, in the spring. I have even seen it sway and dance to the music of the songbirds in the coolness of a gentle breeze. Such amazing beauty in just a simple field of grass….

 I am struck by how similar to grass we as humans are. We stand tall and strong when life is easy. We sway and dance to life’s song with a big smile on our faces, and we share this intoxicating joy with all of those around us, feeding them, so that they can dance with us. Sometimes though, life brings us heartache. We bend in discomfort and pain. Sometimes, we even break. We are small – so small – in this great big world, and in our weariness, we sometimes bow in surrender to our problems. Because of the cold and the hurt and the pain we feel, sometimes we must die. These are our winter moments.

But this is not the end of our lives – it is only the death of the part of our selves that was afraid of the wind all along. And when we welcome the cold and the hurt and the pain, it becomes part of the wind that carries us forward, spreading our spirit of renewed self, until we realize that we have nothing to fear – that, all along, we have been deep-rooted in our own inner strength. We can – and we do - fight against the cold.  

Soon our spring returns, and when our troubles have begun to fade, we return, more lush and full. We are able to stand back up again, to stand tall and strong and golden in the warmth of the sun. And we feel the gentle breeze, and we hear the music of the songbirds.

And we, again, begin to dance….

I will miss you, my friend.  Thank you for the many ways you have inspired me.

Friday, April 8

Take Two of These...

I went to the doctor yesterday.  Just a check-up - or a "check-in," as I like to say. It's kinda weird how someone I avoid like the plague can make me feel like I am one of her good friends.  She remembers my name, my issues, etc.  So either she likes me, or she is AMAZING at faking it.... 

But I mean, what's not to love?  :)

I have to say that, aside from the poking and prodding and nosy questions, the reason I avoid the doctor so much is that I feel like when I step into the office, I am stepping into a whole other world. 

It smells weird. Not gross or dirty. Not patchouli-weird.
Just weird.

And speaking of weird - the other patients!  Thankfully, yesterday there was only one other woman in the waiting room.  But she was -ahem- interesting.  Apparently she was quite restless, and she decided to wander around and around and around the room, until I was quite dizzy for her. Now and then I could hear her either speaking or singing under her breath.  I tried to bury my face in National Geographic...

The receptionist is apparently bipolar.  There have been days when she is the most sugary sweet lady I have ever met.  But other days - like yesterday - she is scary and mean and apparently hates me.  Or maybe she hated the lady making like Magellan in the waiting room. I sat in a chair far away from her desk, just in case she started having an episode.

The nurses can be the same way.  Sometimes it seems like it's all they can bear just to walk me to the scale to get my weight  (right, like that's not stressful on ME?).  But then to have to take my blood pressure and ask me questions - I mean, I guess we are asking too much of them.  Yesterday's nurse was awesome though - friendly enough and very thorough.  She perked up a good deal when she saw my butterfly tattoo, so we chatted about that a bit. I always enjoy talking tattoo-talk.

But then there's that awkward time in between when the nurse leaves and the doctor comes in, and I am left to look around the tiny room and let my thoughts wander.

Do I have osteoporosis?
Do I need botox?
Why is there an ad for botox next to the poster about osteoporosis?
How did they get a model for the poster of the cross-section of a pregnant woman without hurting the baby?
Would anyone know if I took some of those huge tongue depressers?  They would be awesome art tools....
Those long q-tips too.
Why is there a syringe on the counter?

And then my doctor comes in.  Half smile.  Questions. Answers.  Nodding.  Typing (she has a laptop). Cold hands.  COLD stethoscope.  Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Awkwardness.  But she was comforting and helpful, and I felt confident in her assessments. So I guess really, in spite of the weirdness, yesterday's visit was a successful one.

But don't make me go back anytime soon.

Because I won't.