Friday, April 30

My Verse for the Senior Class of 2010

So it is right that I should feel as I do about all of you, for you have a special place in my heart…. God knows how much I love you and long for you with the tender compassion of Christ Jesus. I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding. For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return. May you always be filled with the fruit of your salvation—the righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ—for this will bring much glory and praise to God.  ~Philippians 1:7a, 9-11

Thursday, April 29

Remember Me

The Associated Press reported recently:

"A funeral home in Puerto Rico that made international headlines two years ago is at it again.

Marin Funeral Home has embalmed the body of a young man and put the corpse atop a motorcycle in a hunched-over racing position. The body wears a black cap, black sunglasses and a long-sleeved black T-shirt.

Local television station WAPA says the unidentified 22-year-old shooting victim will be buried Wednesday.

Calls to the funeral home were not returned Tuesday.

Two years ago, the funeral home embalmed a 24-year-old man and kept the body standing upright for during a three-day wake."

While this creeps me out a little, it also makes me chuckle. This is how this poor man will be remembered, at least by the funeral home and by those who follow the Associated Press.  What if he didn't even ride a motocycle while he was alive? 

(I also wonder how they buried him….)

Bruce and I both decided long ago that, when we die, we would like to donate all usable organs to medicine/science and then cremate the rest. And rather than having a funeral, we want to have a party, a celebration with lots of food and music. Sure, we know folks will probably still cry, but we figure that with a nice plate of Sonny’s barbecue or triple chocolate layer cake, maybe those tears will be a little bit sweeter.

This article made me think about how I want to be remembered after I die. Sounds trite, I know, but it IS something for all of us to think about now, while we are still alive. Do I smile enough? Am I a positive influence on others? Do people know how much I love them? Do I tell them?

Do I spend enough time with God? How awkward would it be if He sees me at the pearly gates and says, “Oh yeah, I kinda know you…. Haven’t talked to you in a while.” Not that He would do that, but you get the idea.

How do you want to be remembered?

Monday, April 26

Give Me Strength

Yesterday was College Sunday at church.  Bruce preached (his first sermon as an official pastor, I might add) “A Call to Rebellion” which was amazing, and all of the graduating college seniors were recognized. We called each one to the front, said a little something about each one, and gave them a card signed by the 3 pastors and their wives and a little gift.

No big deal right?
You'd think so....

Unfortunately, I kept screaming

Of course, that was all in my head.  Must present the calm, smiling pastor’s wife, the strong leader of college students, the woman who has it all together.  Right?  My heart was breaking. The tears fought to flow. Ugh – graduation. I know it’s a little silly maybe, and of course, self-serving, but I don’t want them to go. I feel like they are – gasp! – 


These past 2 years have been glorious – full of fun times, great conversations, prayer requests, praises… Of course there’s been frustrations too, but seeing them rise and fall and rise again has only strengthened my attachment to these “kids.” And the way they love me back – it’s definitely SOMEthing! I feel so undeserving of it in ways, but oh-so-glad to have it too! It’s an incredible thing – having an impact on someone’s life, all while they are impacting yours. What a beautiful exchange of love. A gift from God, really.

Plans for after graduation are so varied – Some are undecided. Some will pursue further education. Some will get married. Some – thank you, Lord – will stay in High Point (Phew!). After what feels like such a long journey together, it’s hard to believe that this is really just the beginning for them. So much still for them to do. And I cannot wait to see what God has in store for them!  Honest, I really am excited for them to graduate and begin this next chapter of their lives. 

But must it be so soon?
God, give me strength....

Friday, April 23

Normally, I don’t like to talk about politics...

Have you seen this on Facebook yet?


Upon first glance, it looks pretty harmless, and even a bit humorous.  I admit it - I chuckled.  But in reality, the underlying message is anything but godly.  It saddens me that religious groups lose sight of the fact that God controls EVERYTHING, including who holds positions in our government. And somehow we also forget that we are commanded to submit to our leaders or else be punished.  Not really something I personally want to mess around with…

Romans 13:1-7 ~ Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.  So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.  For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you.  The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong.  So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience.

Of course, we definitely won’t always agree with what our leaders do or decide or with their lifestyle. Some of it actually repulses me.  But the idea that our president, or whoever, is our leader because of something that was somehow outside the realm of God’s control repulses me more.  And the notion that our leaders' hearts and minds are somehow outside the scope of God’s grace to change a person…

Well, let’s not even go there.

My God is big, all-powerful, and all-knowing, and all-forgiving.
And I am so, so glad about that.

Thursday, April 22

Random Icebreaker

If you could be the starring role in any movie already made, which movie would you choose? 

Monday, April 19

Bruce's Ordination

So I am now officially a “pastor’s wife.” Part of me feels like the idea of this is completely crazy, while the other part of me thinks it makes complete sense. I mean, God knew all along, right?

The weekend, Bruce and I both agree, is the second most special weekend of our lives, next to our wedding – they’re actually pretty equal in our minds. Mom and Dad arrived Friday for lunch. We just got caught up that afternoon – chatting. There was a church potluck meeting that night, so Bruce and I went to that, and his parents spent the evening shopping at Hamrick’s and hanging out at their hotel. Saturday, the 4 of us drove to the town of Mt. Airy, which is “Mayberry” for all of you Andy Griffith fans out there. We saw the Andy Griffith Museum, Floyd’s Barber Shop, and Snappy Lunch. We wanted to eat the famous pork chop sandwich at Snappy’s for lunch, but it was WAY too crowded – we ended up at a place called Aunt Bea’s Barbecue, though I suspect it was really NOT related to Aunt Bea from The Andy Griffith Show…

Jaime and Matt arrived late afternoon. Bruce took everyone on a stroll to see the blueberry bushes and the fishing hole (where the dogs went swimming), and then for a more adventurous hike through the briar patch to the creek at the bottom of our hill. By then, we were all ready for dinner, so we went to a new restaurant in town called DJ’s – delicious! Apple pie ala mode for dessert at home, followed by a few games of Scene It! - Seinfeld version.

I did not sleep much that night. Bruce did though. Ha ha!

Sunday, Bruce rose early to get ready for his weekly 8:00 meeting with Pastors Alan and Keith. He roused me early too, so I could make his hair “pretty.” In his new shirt, with his new haircut, he looked amazing!

The service was really cool:
Andy and the band learned a new song that Bruce requested– Marvelous Light (Click HERE to listen). And the other worship songs were great too!

One of the college students put together a video of photos of Bruce, and that was played. So sweet! It started with baby photos and went up to current photos.

Pastor Alan then spoke directly to Bruce, charging him with 4 responsibilities of being a pastor.

Pastor Keith then gave 3 charges, one to Bruce’s family, one to me, and one to the church.

Bruce and I were then called to the front of the church, and the church was asked to come and encircle/lay hands on us as Alan prayed a prayer of dedication over us. It was emotional and beautiful. Lots of tears and hugs afterwards.

Alan and Keith then presented Bruce with his official Certificate of Ordination – WOW!!!

Afterwards, we had an amazing lunch reception with all sorts of delicious dishes and desserts!  Such a precious time of celebration with family and friends!

Bruce also got some gifts and a BUNCH of cards, which we enjoyed reading that afternoon once the family had left.  Each note was so sweet and special - they will be cherished!
So now, this journey begins.  :)

Thursday, April 15

White Glove

The in-laws are coming for the weekend, which means Bruce and I have been spending a good portion of each evening this week doing what we call “White Glove.” This is a term we picked up back in our PCC days which referred to the twice-a-year scrubbing of the dorms to which students were submitted in preparation for visitors College Days. It was usually a Friday Night, and all students were required to scour their dorm rooms from top to bottom (literally). The rooms were then inspected the next morning, and anything that was deemed “unsatisfactory” was then cleaned again, but only after demerits were dealt to the offender. Yes, you are right. This was an insane practice to an extent. I recall getting in trouble for not cleaning the soap scum from beneath the soap holder in the shower…. Nevertheless, we did it, and I guess our dorms were better off because of it.

Bruce and I just sort of shake our heads when we hear the term “white glove,” though that is sort of what we’ve been doing. Not that demerits will be given out, or that our in-laws will be inspecting our home.  It’s just kind of like spring cleaning on steroids.

In the process, I have learned and observed a few things:
  • I will never, ever, ever have wood floors again. No matter how much I sweep or vacuum, there is ALWAYS dust and debris on the floor. It just cannot be contained!
  • For the amount of fur they shed, I am surprised my dogs are not bald – or at least thinner. And how does that fur get trapped in those random places where the dogs never go? Again, I defer to the carpet-only decree I made above.
  • Living in the woods = lots of bugs, though thankfully they are usually dead by the time I see them
  • My stretchy slipcover is a Godsend. I LOVE that I can pop it into the washing machine and dryer, and it comes out looking brand new!
  • I LOVE the way my Yankee Candle Water Lilies candle smells almost like fresh laundry.
  • Finally, I am super thankful that my husband willingly helps around the house. He too is a Godsend.
Tonight’s tasks include folding laundry, bathing the girls, scrubbing the bathroom, and cleaning windows. I think we’ll get it all done. Bruce and I both have the day off tomorrow as we await his parents’ arrival around lunchtime.

Maybe I will have time to relax with a cup of coffee in the morning…

Tuesday, April 13

Here Comes the Sun

I was emailing with Nicki today – she’s my oldest friend (I’ve known her since 8th grade). She has been with me through a lot of crud, and she and her husband Jason kept me sane through many, many years. Plus, we have had a TON of fun together.

In my email to her, I was reflecting on all that drama I went through at home all those years. So often back then it felt like hell on Earth, like my heart would never heal, that I would be scarred for life. Sometimes I look back at it and wonder how in the world I survived without having a nervous breakdown. But as I told Nicki, I know now that I went through all of that so God could be glorified NOW. He is still using ALL of it to further His kingdom. I cannot tell you how often something from my past has helped me relate to one of these kids. It's amazing!

Sure I have scars – don’t we all? Sometimes I have the blues and get sucked into the “oh woe is me” mindset. That’s my nature as a human, after all. But finally, I am rising above the clouds and seeing the Son above them. And that is a beautiful thing.

Romans 8:28 - And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Saturday, April 10


I am not quite sure where in the world this week went!  Seems like it was just Easter Sunday, but here it is Saturday already and this is the first time all week I have sat at my blog.  Disgrace!

As most of you know, Bruce and I are the college leaders of our church.  So our lives basically revolve around the college calendar.  We live in semesters, as one of the college peeps noted today.  There are only a few weeks of classes left, adn then finals and then graduation.  We will graduate 9 students to whom we have become very close.  And while I am super proud of them, and excited to see where God takes them, it makes me oh so sad too.  Sigh.  OK, won't dwell on that too long...  not yet anyway.

Bruce's parents are arriving this coming Friday to be with us for the weekend and to witness Bruce's ordination.  We are very excited to see them!  That was a nice bit of info we got early this week.  We're trying to think of a few fun things to do while they are here, so if anyone has any suggestions, let us know.

I've begun trying my hand at needlefelting - so far, I've just been experimenting, but I think I am at the point where I might try to craft a brooch or maybe an ATC (artist trading card).  If so, I will post some photos. 

At work, a lot of my time is spent planning the Museum's Summer Solstice party, which is also the opening for the Andy Warhol: Big Shots polaroid exhibition.  It's an enormous task, especially considering we are counting on 700 people, but one that I really want to do well.  I feel like people there still aren't "sure" about me, or what I am capable of, and in a way, I want this party to go over well just so they can all relax.  It's actually kinda fun too though...

We went to the zoo today with 6 college peeps.  It was really an amazing time!  The weather was perfect, and despite the crowds of children, we all really enjoyed ourselves.  Of course, the polar bears, sea lions and puffins were my faves - I love anything arctic!  The baboons were also quite entertaining, especially the babies!  OH!  And as we were all standing there trying to figure out why their butts were so red, we witnessed a little bit of "monkey lovin'" much to the "delight" of the parents in the crowd.  Was it wrong to laugh?  I just couldn't help myself. Tee hee!   

Bruce and I are sitting in our "spots" (he on the couch, and me in the big chair), awaiting our evening guests to arrive with a pan of lasagna! I must admit that my "aging" body is so weary from the zoo today, that I am really, REALLY thankful that someone else is making dinner for me.  But I am also excited to see my friends, and perhaps play a little Dutch Blitz.  Good times.

Sunday, April 4


Church was amazing today! We had an Easter drama portraying 3 different people who witnessed Christ’s burial and resurrection and how they responded to it. The Roman solder made me cry a bit – I was overwhelmed when he spoke about the way blood-drenched Jesus looked at him with deep, unconditional love in his eyes.

Jesus looks at every single one of us with those eyes. Tough to believe, isn’t it?

Bruce also got an exciting text from Pastor Keith this afternoon. Pastors Alan and Keith discussed it after church, and Bruce will be ordained as a pastor on April 18th! Two weeks from today! He hasn’t said much about it – he is really not feeling well still – but I know he is excited. I am too!

Thursday, April 1


Today is a special day.  April 1st.  April Fools Day.  91st day of the year.  What's so special about that?  Nothing really.  Except that today is the day that a very good friend of mine begins an exciting chapter in her life.  My previous boss Gerry has now retired and is flying to Italy to live for the next 3 months!  While I will miss her terribly, I am super excited for her as she starts this adventure!  I am also jealous - and who wouldn't be?  She will be living in ITALY - with the bread and the pasta and the flowers and the wine!  But more than that, I am jealous that she is at that point in her life when she is able to "do whatever she wants."

But I am also inspired.  I LOVE that she still has enough gumption to actually do something like this.  I love that she recognizes that she's not finished with her adventures and is doing something about it.  It's like she's "carpe diem" incarnate.  So awesome!  I want to be that.  I want to live my life like the exciting journey it is!  I want to take that road less travelled!  I want to stop and smell the roses!  I want to look at problems like they are my friends!  And I want to inspire others, the way Gerry has inspired me...  Ciao, Gerry!