Monday, April 26

Give Me Strength

Yesterday was College Sunday at church.  Bruce preached (his first sermon as an official pastor, I might add) “A Call to Rebellion” which was amazing, and all of the graduating college seniors were recognized. We called each one to the front, said a little something about each one, and gave them a card signed by the 3 pastors and their wives and a little gift.

No big deal right?
You'd think so....

Unfortunately, I kept screaming

Of course, that was all in my head.  Must present the calm, smiling pastor’s wife, the strong leader of college students, the woman who has it all together.  Right?  My heart was breaking. The tears fought to flow. Ugh – graduation. I know it’s a little silly maybe, and of course, self-serving, but I don’t want them to go. I feel like they are – gasp! – 


These past 2 years have been glorious – full of fun times, great conversations, prayer requests, praises… Of course there’s been frustrations too, but seeing them rise and fall and rise again has only strengthened my attachment to these “kids.” And the way they love me back – it’s definitely SOMEthing! I feel so undeserving of it in ways, but oh-so-glad to have it too! It’s an incredible thing – having an impact on someone’s life, all while they are impacting yours. What a beautiful exchange of love. A gift from God, really.

Plans for after graduation are so varied – Some are undecided. Some will pursue further education. Some will get married. Some – thank you, Lord – will stay in High Point (Phew!). After what feels like such a long journey together, it’s hard to believe that this is really just the beginning for them. So much still for them to do. And I cannot wait to see what God has in store for them!  Honest, I really am excited for them to graduate and begin this next chapter of their lives. 

But must it be so soon?
God, give me strength....

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stacy said...

I just love that baked oatmeal. More than that, I love seeing you and Bruce serving in your sweet spot...God is smiling!