Saturday, April 10


I am not quite sure where in the world this week went!  Seems like it was just Easter Sunday, but here it is Saturday already and this is the first time all week I have sat at my blog.  Disgrace!

As most of you know, Bruce and I are the college leaders of our church.  So our lives basically revolve around the college calendar.  We live in semesters, as one of the college peeps noted today.  There are only a few weeks of classes left, adn then finals and then graduation.  We will graduate 9 students to whom we have become very close.  And while I am super proud of them, and excited to see where God takes them, it makes me oh so sad too.  Sigh.  OK, won't dwell on that too long...  not yet anyway.

Bruce's parents are arriving this coming Friday to be with us for the weekend and to witness Bruce's ordination.  We are very excited to see them!  That was a nice bit of info we got early this week.  We're trying to think of a few fun things to do while they are here, so if anyone has any suggestions, let us know.

I've begun trying my hand at needlefelting - so far, I've just been experimenting, but I think I am at the point where I might try to craft a brooch or maybe an ATC (artist trading card).  If so, I will post some photos. 

At work, a lot of my time is spent planning the Museum's Summer Solstice party, which is also the opening for the Andy Warhol: Big Shots polaroid exhibition.  It's an enormous task, especially considering we are counting on 700 people, but one that I really want to do well.  I feel like people there still aren't "sure" about me, or what I am capable of, and in a way, I want this party to go over well just so they can all relax.  It's actually kinda fun too though...

We went to the zoo today with 6 college peeps.  It was really an amazing time!  The weather was perfect, and despite the crowds of children, we all really enjoyed ourselves.  Of course, the polar bears, sea lions and puffins were my faves - I love anything arctic!  The baboons were also quite entertaining, especially the babies!  OH!  And as we were all standing there trying to figure out why their butts were so red, we witnessed a little bit of "monkey lovin'" much to the "delight" of the parents in the crowd.  Was it wrong to laugh?  I just couldn't help myself. Tee hee!   

Bruce and I are sitting in our "spots" (he on the couch, and me in the big chair), awaiting our evening guests to arrive with a pan of lasagna! I must admit that my "aging" body is so weary from the zoo today, that I am really, REALLY thankful that someone else is making dinner for me.  But I am also excited to see my friends, and perhaps play a little Dutch Blitz.  Good times.

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