Thursday, April 1


Today is a special day.  April 1st.  April Fools Day.  91st day of the year.  What's so special about that?  Nothing really.  Except that today is the day that a very good friend of mine begins an exciting chapter in her life.  My previous boss Gerry has now retired and is flying to Italy to live for the next 3 months!  While I will miss her terribly, I am super excited for her as she starts this adventure!  I am also jealous - and who wouldn't be?  She will be living in ITALY - with the bread and the pasta and the flowers and the wine!  But more than that, I am jealous that she is at that point in her life when she is able to "do whatever she wants."

But I am also inspired.  I LOVE that she still has enough gumption to actually do something like this.  I love that she recognizes that she's not finished with her adventures and is doing something about it.  It's like she's "carpe diem" incarnate.  So awesome!  I want to be that.  I want to live my life like the exciting journey it is!  I want to take that road less travelled!  I want to stop and smell the roses!  I want to look at problems like they are my friends!  And I want to inspire others, the way Gerry has inspired me...  Ciao, Gerry!


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