Wednesday, March 31

Gimme Back My Cadbury Eggs

Is there anything better than Easter candy?  I must confess I have a serious relationship with Cadbury cream eggs - you know, those chocolate eggs filled the creamy fondant that looks like the inside of an egg?  Oh how I adore them!  For those of you who have been keeping track, I actually blew my Lent rule of no sweets because of those delicious Cadbury eggs.  The other night, I arrived at home to find that one of my dogs had eaten my last egg, and I swear I pouted about it the rest of the evening.  Sigh....  I know.  I have a serious problem.

It is interesting to me how some of us wait all year for certain Easter treats.  My friend Amelia waits all year for the SweetTart jellybeans.  And my friends Jocelyn and Sam love Peeps - especially if they are stale.  I am appalled at the thought of this, but who am I to poo-poo someone's candy addiction?  In honor of those crazy Easter candy love affairs, here are some interesting recipes I came across today (Sorry, Amelia, I couldn't find one for jelly beans...).

Shelly from Cookies and Cups featured a post about making homemade peeps, so of course I had to share it with all of you!

Sue from Country Pleasures featured a post about homemade Cadbury eggs - I am intrigued!!! Especially considering that my eggs will soon disappear! Gasp! Cadbury Eggs all year long?

Enjoy everybody!!  Hmmm...  now to figure out how to make candy corn...

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