Wednesday, March 24

Sweet Friendship!

I heard from my dear friend Emma today – we go way back to the college days. She lived across the hall from me my freshman year, in good old Griffith Tower. Oh my! Such a long time ago! She and her husband Steve live in Orlando, so the 4 of us hung out a lot while we lived there. Oh the fun we had! And the trouble we caused!
Or dreamed of causing…

Emma and Steve are probably some of the strangest people I know – and that makes them really similar to me and Bruce! So it’s no wonder we got along so famously. It’s not just anyone who would eat pie for dinner with you. Or sit through Soul Plane with you. Or ask how you would dispose of a body. Ahhh yes…precious friends!

Emma was my closest friend when I was really not a nice person – when God was the farthest thing from my mind – and she loved me in spite of it. And she still loves me. She wrote me today to tell me that she is overjoyed at how happy Bruce and I are now, and that she can “see” a big difference in us. And her opinion means a lot to me. Emma is the kind of friend that, even though I rarely chat with her on the phone anymore, and we rarely see each other, I know that she is a part of me and always will be. And I love that.

Philippians 1:3

BTW Check out Steve’s book here! He’s gonna be famous!

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