Monday, April 19

Bruce's Ordination

So I am now officially a “pastor’s wife.” Part of me feels like the idea of this is completely crazy, while the other part of me thinks it makes complete sense. I mean, God knew all along, right?

The weekend, Bruce and I both agree, is the second most special weekend of our lives, next to our wedding – they’re actually pretty equal in our minds. Mom and Dad arrived Friday for lunch. We just got caught up that afternoon – chatting. There was a church potluck meeting that night, so Bruce and I went to that, and his parents spent the evening shopping at Hamrick’s and hanging out at their hotel. Saturday, the 4 of us drove to the town of Mt. Airy, which is “Mayberry” for all of you Andy Griffith fans out there. We saw the Andy Griffith Museum, Floyd’s Barber Shop, and Snappy Lunch. We wanted to eat the famous pork chop sandwich at Snappy’s for lunch, but it was WAY too crowded – we ended up at a place called Aunt Bea’s Barbecue, though I suspect it was really NOT related to Aunt Bea from The Andy Griffith Show…

Jaime and Matt arrived late afternoon. Bruce took everyone on a stroll to see the blueberry bushes and the fishing hole (where the dogs went swimming), and then for a more adventurous hike through the briar patch to the creek at the bottom of our hill. By then, we were all ready for dinner, so we went to a new restaurant in town called DJ’s – delicious! Apple pie ala mode for dessert at home, followed by a few games of Scene It! - Seinfeld version.

I did not sleep much that night. Bruce did though. Ha ha!

Sunday, Bruce rose early to get ready for his weekly 8:00 meeting with Pastors Alan and Keith. He roused me early too, so I could make his hair “pretty.” In his new shirt, with his new haircut, he looked amazing!

The service was really cool:
Andy and the band learned a new song that Bruce requested– Marvelous Light (Click HERE to listen). And the other worship songs were great too!

One of the college students put together a video of photos of Bruce, and that was played. So sweet! It started with baby photos and went up to current photos.

Pastor Alan then spoke directly to Bruce, charging him with 4 responsibilities of being a pastor.

Pastor Keith then gave 3 charges, one to Bruce’s family, one to me, and one to the church.

Bruce and I were then called to the front of the church, and the church was asked to come and encircle/lay hands on us as Alan prayed a prayer of dedication over us. It was emotional and beautiful. Lots of tears and hugs afterwards.

Alan and Keith then presented Bruce with his official Certificate of Ordination – WOW!!!

Afterwards, we had an amazing lunch reception with all sorts of delicious dishes and desserts!  Such a precious time of celebration with family and friends!

Bruce also got some gifts and a BUNCH of cards, which we enjoyed reading that afternoon once the family had left.  Each note was so sweet and special - they will be cherished!
So now, this journey begins.  :)


Kristin said...

Wow! That's incredible guys! So happy for you two!

Will be praying for your ministries together.

Much love!

Kristen Hess said...


This is so great! I know that you are already a great pastor's wife - I'm far away but can plainly see God's hand on your ministry in the lives of many.

Congrats to you both and may God use you greatly for His kingdom!

Love you!