Friday, March 4

I think I've seen too many scary movies...

Ahhh....  It's Friday.  And that means tonight is FRIDAY NIGHT, my favorite night of the whole week because I have 2 whole days before I go to work again.  :)  Today is also the start of spring break which means there will be a mass exodus of college students from the area for anywhere-but-here hooliganism.  Oh to be young again!

Bruce is doing a ride-along with a police officer friend of ours - he is quite excited, I must say. I'm excited for him - kind of.  I am happy he gets to go re-live some of his policeman days and have good convo with a friend, I am not relishing the thought of being alone in the house all night long. 

See, our house is cute and charming and wonderful, but then night comes and all that changes. 

At night, it quickly becomes something out of The Strangers, where very, very bad things could happen, and no one would hear you scream.  Creatures roam around outside, just out of view.  I hear rustling under the house.  The dogs bark for no reason - or at least I tell myself there's no reason as they go tearing off into the darkness....  There are no blinds on the windows, so all I see is darkness. 

My heart pounds. My imagination runs wild.
I sit on the couch under the safety of the down comforter.     

So yeah, I'm really happy for Bruce. :)

(OK, maybe it's not THAT bad.  But it is creepy.) 

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