Monday, March 7


I got a phone call this morning regarding my friend who recently discovered she has cancer, and she is not doing as well as she had been. The tumor that had been removed has already returned, and the cancer has now been found in her lungs. She had to go back for more surgery last week, and the doctors are trying to determine the next phase of her treatment.

And I hate it.
I hate that someone I love is going through this.
I hate that the road ahead of her is going to be a tough one.
And I hate the thought of possibly losing her.

I have experienced a decent amount of loss in my 37 years, and each passing has affected me in vastly different ways. And I have learned that the effect is not based on the amount of time I knew the person, or even how I knew them. The effect is based on what footprints they left on my heart.

Today I am thinking about the footprints my friend has left – her artistic inspiration, her encouragement of my own art, her courage to try new things and go new places, her desire for adventure… I can hear her footsteps through the halls of my heart, and I treasure each and every one.

But I also wonder what footprints I have left behind.
Do people know I love them?
Have I encouraged them?
Have I challenged them?
Made them think?
Made them laugh?
Helped them love?
Shown them God?
Loved them?

I hope so.


Kristen Hess said...
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Kristen Hess said...

Becky, I'm so sorry about your friend. Thanks for being willing to share your heart. I needed a word like this at this time in my life and it was so beautifully said (as always, my friend).
And yes, you are one of those types of friends who has left many, many footprints on our hearts!!!
Love you.