Thursday, March 17

Some Days and Baby Steps

I was speaking to a lady in my office recently about "some days" - you know, the things you want to do some day.  Sometimes they are serious things.  Sometimes they're more on the silly side.  Regardless, there's a bit of our heart in each of our "some days." 

Here are some of mine:
Some day, I would like to...
Be in better shape
Be published in an art magazine
Go to the San Diego Zoo
Throw a really big party
Plan my own funeral
Do a 365 project
Be an expert of something
Own a house with a bright red door

In discussing this, I came back to my desk thinking about my friend Gerry.  She's the one who - I've shared in earlier posts - has thyroid cancer.  This past Monday, I got an email from her explaining that her cancer is no longer treatable, and the doctors are giving her less than 5 months to live.  I wonder how many of her "some days" will have been completed when all is said and done.  Hopefully all of them.

I am learning that I waste way too much time thinking about my "some days."  There's always a reason not to do something.   Not enough time.  Not the right time.  Not enough money. Too many excuses.  Or as it is in my case more often than I'd like, there's too much fear getting in the way.  Maybe it's time to say, enough is enough!  Time to subscribe to Dr. Leo's radical new therapy "BABY STEPS."  (Anybody seen the movie What About Bob?)

What am I putting off until "some day" that could be done today?  What am I missing today because I'm scared to try or because I feel like it's not the right time?  What could I be doing now that would make the world a better place?  What could I be doing now that would bring joy and love to my husband?  What could I be doing now that would bring honor and glory to my Jesus?  Or that would bring SOMEONE to my Jesus!

I think it's time for a change of heart and a change of action.  In other words, I need to get off my butt and start DOING!  Just a tiny little step gets me on my way...

Baby steps leave the office.  Baby steps out the door.  Baby steps to the hall.  Baby steps into the elevator.  Baby steps...

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Lori Dalton said...

I love this, Becky. we all need to do this more! I'm about to do some baby stepping today :)