Tuesday, August 17

Let's Chat

I am sitting here feeling like I should blog, but not really wanting to because I don't know what to blog about. So there's this internal struggle within me, one side saying, "Say something - reconnect! - you haven't blogged in a while." and the other side saying, "relax - do it tomorrow - no one is missing you."  It probably doesn't need to be quite that dire, but I do like a taste of the dramatic now and then. 

I could tell you about Donut World, this amazing local donut place I discovered last night.  Some friends mentioned it to us, and I stopped last night on my way home to get a dozen.  They were SO FRICKIN' GOOD!!!  But talking about donuts doesn't really seem that exciting....

I could tell you that my sister-in-law had to go to the hospital over the weekend.  Remember Bruce's sister Jen who is building the house in FL?  Well, she worked so much that she got overheated and dehydrated and such.  Poor Jen!  At least she is home now and feeling better.  She's such a great gal!  But then, why would you want to hear about people I know?   

I could also tell you that my new job is really going well.  Actually, it's awesome!  I feel great about it!  But I am sure you all are tired of me talking about work....

I could tell you about this new project I am working on.  It's a wallhanging made out of repurposed wool.  It will take a while to complete, but it will be worth it.  I especially like the muted colors I used - darker than pastels but lighter than jewel tones.  But I can only talk about my art so much, right? 

Oh, or I could tell you that Dillards is going out of business or something because the entire store is on super-clearance.  Bruce and I went there Saturday, and bought him some great shirts (plaid of course)!  But do you really care about how I spent my weekend?

Instead, I think I will tell you that God wants to hear us tell Him all of these things and much, much more.  He loves each one of us so much that He craves open and free communication from us.  He wants to hear all about our discoveries, our loved ones, our jobs, our passions, our daily events - and then He wants to hear everything else too!  I think sometimes we are too selective when we pray - we think, "Well God already knows about such-and-such, so I won't bore Him with that."  Or we think, "Why would God care about that?"  I also think sometimes we overthink our prayers to the point where we feel like we don't have anything to pray about...so we don't.  We don't pray at all.

Where along the path of life did we forget that He just wants to chat - about everything and anything?  It's not so much about what we say, as long as we are saying SOMETHING. 

And you know, once we open our hearts to communicate, it's amazing what comes out....  :) 

"Say something - reconnect! - you haven't prayed in a while.  Relax - do it today - He is missing you."

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