Thursday, August 26

Rekindling the Love

Dear Little White House,

I am not sure when it happened, or why, but apparently you have turned against me.

No longer do I come home to find you comfortable, fresh and clutter free. Now, you greet me at the front door with cobwebs and dead leaves. Your living room is a whirlwind of dust and dog hair and various piles of papers. Your bed is never made, and your closets are almost empty since clothing remains on the floor. Your bathroom floor is covered in stray hairs, and your dining room looks more like an office than a place to entertain guests, with all of the numerous books and papers and files. Your laundry room confuses me – which pile of clothes is clean, and which is dirty? Your kitchen is overrun with dirty dishes, and your fridge displays assorted Tupperware containers with various concoctions from who-knows-when. Please don’t get me started on your oven…

But why, little white house? Why?

Am I not a good caretaker? Have I not loved you enough? I fear perhaps that I have not…

So starting tonight, I will rekindle the love I once had for you. I will de-clutter your rooms and mop your floors. I will wash your counters and fill your closets. I will even scrub your toilet. And when I am all finished loving on you like you deserve me to do, I will gently sweep your front porch and put out your welcome mat once again, inviting all of our friends to come and bask in your warmth and comfort.

I apologize for ignoring you for so long.



Bruce Crews said...

well good luck with that. you have my whole hearted support. oh wait, am i gonna get roped into this cleaning frenzy too? ;<(

Becky said...

'Fraid so, my love. :)