Monday, August 2

Miscellany Monday - August 2

Happy Monday, everyone!  Bruce and I are back from Florida, so all of my musings today will be regarding our trip. 

1.) Grandma Robertson's chicken and dumplings are still amazing.  I had them for the first time at her house in Maryland when Bruce and I were just dating.  I loved them then, and I love them now. 

2.) I fell in love with swimming this weekend.  Well, I guess technically it's more like "paddling" or "floating."  I just like being in the water.  Mom and Dad have a wonderful pool, and we were in it every day.  GLORIOUS!  And swimming in the ocean was heavenly too - though slightly chilly.  It kind of makes me want to have my own pool someday - I wonder if I would feel the same if I have to do all the work to keep it clean.

3.) Dad took us to the Daytona Flea Market on Saturday (where I bought some new silver earrings and two cute owl brooches!).  He also took us to Krystal for lunch, and he knew the lady that worked there because he frequents it so often.  I love seeing him in his element!

4.) While I am quite happy I no longer live in Florida, I was reminded of how Floriday has its own unique, striking beauty.  The palm trees, the open spaces, the wide skies, the beaches...  so lovely!

5.) We met our friends Steve and Emma and their kids for breakfast on Saturday.  It's CRAZY how different our lives are now, but it's so awesome howGod has lead each of us to the place in our lives where we are all happiest.  I love to see that! 

6.) Mom was as gracious as always.  She has this way about her that makes you feel at home instantly.  And she does all these little things that make you know she's thinking about you - the mini banana bread loaves, the candy suprises, the bathing suits and towels always getting washed...  Love her!

7.) Jen & Ben's house is coming along.  I cannot believe how gorgeous it is!  Their patience and hard work is really paying off!!  I am so excited for them. 

8.) Bruce actually let me drive this time!  Wow, he's getting lax in his old age.  Ha ha! 

9.) I always feel better about myself when I have a little tan, like I have now.  But I am also scared of skin cancer.  Why must the sun be so bad for us?

10.) Oh, and root beer Slurpees are now my all-time favorite

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