Wednesday, July 28

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Quitting a job can be a bittersweet time – this time it’s really not.
This morning I am reflecting on the top 10 awesome things about quitting this job…

10. No more office chair that is way too short for my legs – yep – my knees are up to my chest right now (OK maybe not that high…)

9.  No more running down to the Store to help folks because I am the only one who knows how to work the credit card machine

8.  Having absolutely NOTHING in my email inbox or my mailbox

7.  No more Board of Directors

6.  Never having to observe yelling matches between co-workers over silly things like what hinges to use on a frame or what color carpet looks best in the galleries

5.  No more naked figures or paintings in my vicinity unless I want them there (Ha!)

4.  Never having to clean up after a public event again

3.  No more awkward Tuesday morning staff meetings

2.  No more weird black flecks of who-knows-what coming out of my air vent

1.  Never ever having to work with HER again!


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