Tuesday, July 27

Miscellany Monday - July 26

(OOPS!  I missed Miscellany Monday, so here's what I meant to post yesterday.)

Remember the faith jars at The Journey? Well, we finally opened them Sunday. We’ve got enough to pay off our carpet debt AND build walls around our children’s rooms. Not to mention all of the lessons about faith we learned. God rocks.

2.) TA-DA!
I finished up a bunch of misc fabric jewelry projects last night. I made a few felt brooches that look like Dahlias, a rose bib necklace (made from one of Bruce’s old t-shirts), and a cool rolled felt statement necklace. I’m trying to decide what projects to take with me to Florida…

Did you guys hear that Darth Vader held up a bank in Long Island? WHAT? Ha ha ha!

4.) NEW DO
I got my hair chopped into this fun little rocker-chick ‘do, and I really like it. It’s a lot shorter, but definitely a little funky. Yay!

Bruce and I leave for the F-L-A Wednesday. We are pretty stoked to see his family! And we get to see some good friends and their kids too! Yay!!! I am not excited about the heat and humidity, but everything else will make up for it. Can’t wait for Grandma’s chicken and dumplings!!!

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Jocelyn said...

i want to see pics of the new hair do!!!!!!!