Monday, July 19

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} chicken fried rice.
i had lunch with my new boss jackie. we ate thai, and it was yummy.  and my new job sounds really awesome.

{2} thar she blows.
bruce and i are going to florida next week for dad's 60th.  we plan to spend one day at the beach and lots of time in the pool.  so i broke down and bought a - gasp! - bathing suit.  and you know, i actually like it!  i bout it at avenue, for all of you plus-sized ladies out there who are looking.  :)  i love that store! 

{3} faith in a jar.
one more week until we open the faith jars at church.  will we have enough to cover the carpet debt?  i believe we will.  but even if we don't, god has taught me so much about faith over these last several weeks, and that lesson is worth more to me than any amount of money.

{4} my pretty pony.
today i am wearing my favorite ponytail holder, made by my friend jocelyn ala the trendy owl boutique at etsy.  she makes headbands and jewelry too, not to mention she is have a serious sale right now.  all you ladies should check it out!  she also has an awesome blog, where i discovered this miscellany thing anyway.  i will warn you though that i am not responsible for anything that happens once you see some of the recipes she posts.)

{5} gag.
i am really tired of justin bieber.

{6} best of nc.
i tried the cheerwine krispy kreme donut this weekend.  suprisingly, it was most enjoyable!  kind of like a chocolate-covered cherry flavor...  i highly recommend. 

{7} sweet.
on saturday, bruce and i took scarlett to the farmer's market. even though it was pouring and we were soaking, we bought blackberries and corn and brussell sprouts and sourdough bread with huge smiles on our faces. maybe because it was nice to get such yummy things, or because the rain was a welcome relief from the brutal heat we've been having, but most likely we smiled just because we were together.

{8} any day now.
have i mentioned that i am really, really ready for the college students to come back?


Jocelyn said...

that is so good that you are excited about your new job! yea, for your fav ponytail holder:-) that is one of my fav fabrics cause it goes with everything!!! ha ha on the recipe comments...I can't help it that I am a crazy baker ( i may or may not have zebra cupcakes in the oven...gonna be a post on a tuesday sometime)

Sam said...

Sometimes i come read your blog just cuz i miss you so much!! Love you!