Wednesday, July 21

A Little Bling

One of the blogs I read daily is about beads.

(I know. I know. Probably cannot get more thrilling than that, right? But they have some pretty things and tutorials. And I am all about learning new techniques and getting inspiration. So that’s why I read it. And I’d appreciate you not getting all up in my face about it.)

Moving on.

Yesterday, on that blog, I came across this article regarding “bling for your cornea.” Or in other words, an eye piercing. And this would not be for your eyebrow, or your eyelid for that matter – it is a piercing of the eyeBALL. That’s right. Now, if you are like me, initially you are picturing what an earring stud looks like and you are imagining sticking something like that into the eyeball and you are thinking,”But how can this be? And WHY would this be?”

If you have a YouTube or a Google account, you can log in and watch the video of the procedure. Though I don’t recommend it if you are squeamish, or just an “eye wimp” like my husband. Lots of weird pricking and cutting and inserting happening in the video, resulting in a sparkly little jewel on the surface of the eye. Granted, I enjoy a bit of bling or stainless steel on or in the body. I’m not necessarily into piercings of all types, but I can at least appreciate most of them as an outlet of someone else’s persona. But I’m afraid I just can’t understand this one. Nor do I want to.

But that’s just me. What do you all think?

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Jocelyn said...

Love the new look! and eye bling??? yikes! not for me! and i just can't imagine why someone would do that? sounds like an eye infection waiting to happen!