Tuesday, July 13

To Cure The Blues Creatively, Click Here

I am in a funk. Just feeling bleh. Not sure if it’s stress or pms or just the blues. Bruce would say it’s probably all of that and then some! (Though he really is VERY supportive when I am this way – he’s awesome.)

Bruce is going out to dinner a friend of his tonight, and I will stay home feeling “ponderous.” Maybe I will watch a scary movie and snuggle with the girls. More likely, I will work on something creative, which, I find, is quite therapeutic. In mind of this, I want to share a few tutorials for some adorable things that I want to make. I found them online.

Ashley of Make it Love it is sharing her house décor redo and making everything herself. She has all the projects listed under parts (part 1, part 2 etc.). I especially love this one of her Flower Wall Hanging.

I also love the idea of this adorable Felt Box by Marianne at applehead.  I feel like these could be decorated in so many creative ways!

Ooooohhhh, and isn’t this Felt Dahlia Brooch by Meahgan Reardon just gorgeous?

And aren’t these little Matchbox Valentines on Etsy’s Storque adorable? I want to make a bunch, and for all different people and in all different themes!  These would be such cute notes of encouragement - or little love notes! 

Just last night, I dug out my shrink dinks to try my hand making some shrink plastic jewelry. Check out this tutorial from Helen Bradley for some inspiration…

Hmmm...  which project to choose... 

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