Monday, August 9

Miscellany Monday - August 9

1. I love my new job! My boss is amazing. She is a super-busy lady, but is so nice and quite laid back. She gave me a hug on my first day! Ha ha! The other folks in the Dean’s office are sweet too. There’s another Becky, and she is a hoot! And everyone has been very friendly and extremely welcoming. I also like the actual WORK that I do here. Yay!  I took a few random photos of my office…
I feel like there's a spiritual lesson in the paper clips...
Do you see it?

2. There is a creature of some kind under the house in the back room. It was scritching or gnawing or something last night – or rather this morning at 4:30! The dogs were not amused! Neither was I. Like a crazy woman, I got down on my knees and scolded it quite loudly this morning in the hope that it would scare it away. I mean, can it not take up residence in one of the old barns on the property?

3. Scarlett is painting me some fun little seashore pictures for my new office! She has the paint, sand and seashells done, and will add some Bible verses and more ModPodge the next time she’s over. I am EXCITED!!!

4. Bruce preached yesterday. It was his third sermon (I think), and every time I hear him up there “in the pulpit,” it blows my mind that this is where God has brought us. We had lunch/staff meeting with Keith and Leslie after church. My mind is also blown by them – that God has given us such awesome mentors and friends.

5. I have been obsessing about Yellowstone lately. I really want to go there. I’m thinking maybe May. Have any of you been there?

6. College peeps start arriving back to school this week – well the RA’s do. The rest come back intermittently after that – classes start on the 24th. I am excited!!! I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s summer, and get back into the swing of “college life.” Oh, and this also means I can start creeping on Justin Timberlake at the Palladium Starbucks again, with my college friends, and it won’t look so creepy. (Right?)

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