Thursday, November 18



I know that probably seems weird, that I am thankful for tears.  Probably most people do not like them, maybe even despise them.  I actually used to be one of those people - and sometimes still struggle with them, or at least my acceptance of them.  But when they are put into proper context, I find I am actually grateful for them.

Last night, I had a good cry (I'm surprised at myself for admitting that.  But now it's out there, so I'm gonna go with it).

Last night, I had a good cry.  And once the first few tears fell, they just kept coming and coming, until I couldn't speak (except for in a very ugly squeaky voice), and the dogs raced to my aid for surely I must have been dying, and Bruce hovered over me in that "I'm-your-husband-so-I-care-but-I-don't-know-what to-do" state of confusion. 

But the process of crying has a very cleansing affect on me, and on my thoughts.  I suspect it's that way for most of us.  At first, we begin crying simply because we cannot help it. Then we continue because, well, now we're on a roll.  We might pause for a moment to think about the situation, then begin again until the need for tears has subsided and the crying session ends.  And then what happens?  A feeling of renewal, of quiet, or comfort, of newness.  Man, I felt AMAZING when I woke up this morning, like it was TRULY a brand new day!  And I truly believe it was because my abundance of unused tears had been reduced.

It's not that I enjoy crying, mind you, but I do enjoy the peace that comes thereafter.  It must be that pesky Holy Comforter at work again.!  :) 

Psalm 73:26 - My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

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