Tuesday, November 16

14 DAYS OF THANKS - Day 10

The start of something is always an exciting point for me.  Fresh.  New.  Full of promise.  So much potential.  No blemishes or mistakes.  And it can be something as simple as that first slice into a freshly-baked cake or the start of a new art project or a new job.
One of my absolute favorite "beginnings" involves my cell phone.  You know how when you buy it, it comes with that clear plastic protector that you can remove once you purchase it?  Oh my gosh!  I LOVE those things!!!  Bruce once made the mistake of removing mine for me, and I was heartbroken.  Seriously!  I had been robbed of the preciousness of the beginning of my relationship with my cell phone.   
Over these last several months, I have been experiencing and enjoying lots of beginnings around me:
Beginning a new job
Bruce beginning his role as an associate pastor
A friend beginning a romantic relationship
My brother beginning his role as a daddy for the first time
College grads beginning their lives in the real world
Lives changed through salvation decisions 
All fresh.  All new.  All full of promise.  All full of so much potential.  No blemishes or mistakes. 
Some simple.  Some more involved.  But all are precious. 

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