Tuesday, June 15

A Few of my Faves

Don't you just love blogs?  When I go to my Google Reader each day and see all the new, unread posts I have to go through, I tell you, my heart just pounds in excitement!  So many little nuggets of goodness out there!  Things that make me laugh, think, maybe cry.  Always inspiring!

Makes me aspire to be a better blogger myself. 

Today, I realized that some of the blogs I follow might become some of YOUR favorites too!  And I decided to recommend a few of my faves. 

For insanely delicious recipes, cute craft ideas, and just plain fun, see my friend Jocelyn.

For a good chuckle, check out Big Mama.

For DIY projects of all sorts, get inspired by Craft Gossip.

For a unique, inspiring (and often humorous) look at Christian life, go to Stuff Christians Like.

Oh, and the blog which, I must say, has the absolute sexiest, funniest writer, can be found at the pastor wore plaid

Check them out sometime!

And tell me some of YOUR favorite blogs!  I want to hear about them!

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