Monday, June 14

OK, I have to admit something.

I hate summer.

I am a sweater (ie: one who sweats) – I always have been. It’s uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing and a bit gross. But, that’s the chemistry the good Lord chose to give me, so I deal with it, albeit begrudgingly. It seems ridiculous that I must base my outfits and my hair-do’s on the amount of anticipated sweat I will expel in a given day or by doing a certain task. These days, my hair is mostly up, off my neck. And while others might think I am going for a sporty, summery look, it is simply that I am trying not to embarrass myself by having my hair wilt against my scalp in a wet icky mess.

Humidity just makes the heat worse – it’s like instant stickiness on my skin as soon as I leave the house in the morning until I can get the truck a/c cranked. Oh, and the gross things it does to my makeup! No wonder I have adult acne!

As though these things aren’t bad or uncomfortable enough, the good Lord also chose to give me such a high dose of pheromones or hormones or whatever that every bug in a 15 mile radius finds ME. Not Bruce. Not our friends. They find ME…like I was the golden arches incarnate. And this is a problem on so, so many levels.

Oh, and bathing suits – let’s not even go there.
Now that I’ve WHINED a good bit, I am actually going to try to do something slightly more positive. I found this writing prompt that asked me to list favorite things about summer based on my five senses. So let’s see if I can do this:

My favorite SCENTS of summer:
Fruity Yankee Candles
Charcoal-grilled burgers
The farmers market combo of flowers and fruit and veggies

My favorite SIGHTS of summer:
Butterflies (yep – this is the ONLY bug I actually like)
The tat on Bruce’s leg because he wears shorts
The beaches – not Myrtle or Daytona, but those private ones that are “PCC standard”

My favorite SOUNDS of summer:
Summery music

My favorite TOUCHES of summer:
Raindrops on my skin
Light, gauzy tops
??? My sweating issue really makes the “touch” category a tough one!

My favorite TASTES of summer:
Corn on the cob
Anything cold - snow cone, ice cream, cold drink

Phew! Made it through that list! I guess there are some nice things about summer. But not enough for me to actually enjoy it. I often tell Bruce that I could easily live in Alaska, but I don’t think he realizes how serious I am (or maybe he’s scared about how serious I am!).  Ooohhh... to have an igloo....


momyof3girls said...

You are so funny! Love you!

isawstars said...

Hahaha Becky! Well for summer "touch" category... what about those refreshing breezes that leaves your sweat-dampened skin long for more! I love that feeling... until the breeze ends, of course :)

Jocelyn said...

just think...your updo will be even cuter very soon:-P I love this post on the senses BTW!