Wednesday, June 2

Ready to Blow

I've been in the office 1 1/2 days so far this week, and I've experienced enough abuse and drama to last through the end of the week, if not longer. The bad thing is that I am not the only here who feels that way. The rotten thing is that it's like this just about every week.

What the what?

So my job search has begun. Anyone in need of someone with over 11 years of office experience? Great skills balancing multiple budgets, organizing, problem solving, etc.? Not to mention hilarious and extremely good looking?

The Director here is apparently completely off her rocker - or at least off her meds. One of my subordinates told me that sometimes she fantasizes about keying the Director's car. My other subordinate confided that she thinks about just not showing up for certain events - like the upcoming Summer Solstice party - just to see how wigged out the Director would get. It's like the office is a red-hot river of suppressed rage, ready to erupt at any minute. And when it does, all the village people scurry away into their offices to avoid impending doom. But alas, we cannot all escape. There is always a victim. Just depends what day it is... Lately it seems that I am the virgin who has been deemed acceptable for sacrifice to the volcano god.

And the postal workers they have it bad! Is it weird that I often hope - and pray - that no one here is packing? All it would take is just ... one ... more ... snarky ... comment ....

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isawstars said...

Aw Becky! I hate to hear that! If I could afford to have a personal assistant to do my scheduling, bills, take care of my (future) pet piggy and give me advice to help me through my 20s I'd hire you!!

Good luck with the job hunt...
xxoo, Kristen