Friday, June 11


It’s Friday, and I am happy. Why? Well let me tell you…

  1. The A-Team movie starts today. Bruce and I and a few friends are meeting at the Palladium so that we can revel in all things awesomely A-Team. Two words: Bradley Cooper.
  2. Tomorrow I will make Bruce an amazing dinner – roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. He LOVES the chicken skin, which is actually kind of gross to me, but I like that he likes it. It makes me feel quite “wifely” to serve him food he loves. Ha ha!
  3. I am working on a big collage piece for Bruce’s currently naked church office. And I will work on it quite a bit tomorrow since…
  4. We have NO plans tomorrow! That means waking up late and leisurely enjoying coffee and TV fishing and not showering until after noon. Ahhh yes – the good life.
  5. Have I mentioned Bradley Cooper is in the A-Team?
  6. Today is Jacques Cousteau’s birthday. “When Jacques-Yves Cousteau died on June 25, 1997, the world lost more than just an esteemed biologist and oceanographer. The world lost its greatest guide of the chartless realms that make up the planet’s oceans. Through his documentaries and books, Cousteau contributed more to our understanding of the oceans than almost any other person.” I wonder what he would say about the oil spill…
  7. My friend Jocelyn is having a buy one – get one free sale on her beautiful handmade headbands in her etsy shop. I might have to splurge. She’s making these flowers that look like daisies now, and these cute braided flower discs. I have been wearing a ponytail a lot these days, and what better way to dress up one of them! 
  8. Bradley Cooper plays “Face” in the A-Team movie…
  9. I saw this awesome photo yesterday, and while the subject of it is terrifying (It’s a “sinkhole” that opened up in Guatemala City), it is an AWESOME photo! I love photos that capture the impossible. Like the photo of the little blue dot – Google that if you don’t know what I’m talking about – AMAZING!
  10. The Summer Solstice Party at the museum is one week from today, which means I have to think about it for only one more week! It’s been fun and interesting planning it, and I’ve had great help, but I am so, so, so over it now.
  11. Oh, and let’s not forget that Bradley Cooper is in the A-Team. Or have I already mentioned that?

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Jocelyn said...

oh yeah for no plans and sleeping in and not showering till noon!!! love those kind of days!!! enjoy your weekend:-)