Tuesday, May 11

Biggest Loser

I just know that somewhere inside me there is a skinny girl…or at least a skinnier, healthier girl. She used to be here, wearing shorts and tshirts and cute summer dresses, coming home from work every day to do Tae Bo for an hour, walking the dog, etc.  But somehow, over the years, she disappeared. 

Today I began my quest to find her again. Hopefully, eventually it will feel more like a lifestyle change than a diet. That’s the idea anyway.

Posting this on my blog is not easy for me. It’s embarrassing. It’s humbling. But I am also hoping that it will give me a sense of accountability, which I definitely need. It’s funny to me how I can be embarrassed to post this and yet I also know that you all have seen my “no-I’m-not-preggers” belly and my fat butt (or my “booty shelf,” as I call it). Hmm.  Seems to me the embarrassment, had it come a LOT sooner, could have prevented some of the issue.

Ahh, if only hindsight wasn’t always 20/20!

I’ll be doing the Eat-to-Live program, for the most part, which is vegan. Mostly beans, veggies, fruit and nuts. Very limited starches. No meat, cheese, etc. I’m not supposed to have any dairy, but at this point, I will continue to use FF half and half in my coffee – that’s the only vice I will continue to enjoy, at least for now.

How did I choose ETL? It was recommended to me and Bruce a while ago by Alan and Melody, who have been following it closely for a LOOOONNGG time, and they have had great success and look and feel amazing. I’ve also been feeling prompted for the last 2 months or so to go a more Earth-friendly route, specifically animal-friendly. Not sure why. But it has been at the forefront of my mind for a while, and I am feeling like I should not ignore that.

Exercise, of course, will be incorporated too, of course. Probably just walking initially, with some weight training. My chestal-region has never been built for running, so that’s out, but I would like to do those elliptical machines eventually. And maybe try Zumba!  The college girls say it's a blast! 

So, everybody, please DO ask me how I am doing in the losing weight process! – Seriously! It will help me feel accountable, but it will also encourage me! And heaven knows I can use some of that too! Can’t we all?


momyof3girls said...

I'm right there with ya girl!!! I also am on a quest to find my skinner self!! Hang in there!! Don't give up!! It will be a long, hard journey. Mine is!! And I have yet to see any of those "results"! LOL I can't wait to see you in just a few weeks!! Love you!

Penny said...

Goose and I started back yesterday too. It is so easy to slip back into our old ways of eating bad and not exercising. Maybe we can be a support group for each other. I love you and will praying for you as you are on this journey:)

alyycat said...

awhhh becky i LOVE YOU!!!! and girll i feel you too my chestal-region as you call it has never been built to run either!! :)
Im totes gonna follow you on this cause im trying to loose some this summer because i've gotten not so healthy anywho. I LOVE YOU AND YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERYWAY!! INSIDE AND OUT

scarlett said...

becky! can we walk and do zumba together??? i love you!!! i'll be back to nc after the weekend of the 22nd! miss you! :)