Thursday, May 13


I feel so antsy today! Not sure why, or what to do about it. I thought maybe there is too much going on in my mind, in an attempt to settle down, I will talk to all of you here… So prepare for 10 items of complete and utter randomness!

First – the oil spill is freaking me out. Have you guys been following that story at all? If you haven’t even heard of it, where have you been? There is currently an eruption of black sludge rushing from the ocean floor off of Louisiana – it could be the most devastating U.S. oil spill EVER. Check out this satellite image of the spill…

Disturbing, no? What about this VIDEO?

Now, I don’t understand exactly how these oil wells work, and it seems that each attempt at fixing the leak has been a great idea – just unfortunate that they didn’t work. So, yeah, it worries me a little that our shores might soon be covered in black oil. Even more terrifying is the thought of what I might have to soon pay for gas for the truck…

Second - I really need some new shoes. And I hate the thought of it. I hate shopping for shoes. I hate paying for shoes. I hate trying to figure out what shoes I need. I wish I could just go barefoot everywhere (ok, maybe not a public restroom).

Third – My sister doesn’t call me anymore, and it’s starting to annoy the fire out of me. She claims that it’s because she is so busy working, but she also knows I worry about her, especially when I don’t hear from her. So, sister, if you are reading this, CALL ME!

Fourth – This is day 3 of my diet, and I have stuck like glue to it. Yay me!! That might not seem like much to some of you, but trust me, that is big news. Ha ha!

Fifth – My husband is amazing. I LOVE how we laugh together! I wouldn’t know what to do with one of those “serious” relationships. And I love how hard he tries to please me and others – sure he tries my patience sometimes too, but he has such a very good heart.

Sixth – I am addicted to the song Hey, Soul Sister by Train. Cassidy and David got me hooked, and now I can’t stop replaying it, especially here at work. But some of the dancing in the VIDEO is odd.  And so are some of the lyrics – what’s all this nonsense about his “untrimmed chest?” I did not need that visual, thank you very much. But it’s a fun little ditty, just the same.

Seventh – Have I mentioned how excited I am that it’s almost time for peaches, plums, and watermelon?

Eighth – I have decided that I need to start collecting jewelry. Not gold or silver or diamonds (well, maybe diamonds), but fun, crazy stuff with matching necklaces and earrings. Maybe I’ll even start wearing bracelets! Folks around the museum have all these cool, artsy-looking pieces, and I admit that at times I do covet them…and I consider snatching them off of their necks and ears. But I refrain – OF COURSE!!! Oh, Bruce will not be pleased.

Ninth – I’m pretty obsessed with the book of Esther right now. Esther is one of those stories I learned back in Sunday school and then kind of forgot. So I am studying it again, and it’s amazing! I LOVE how there are strong women in God’s Word. I must remember that in those moments when I am feeling weak.

Tenth and final – I am hankering for some type of a trip – badly! I am hoping that by this fall, Bruce and I can finally afford a little romantic getaway. And maybe a BIG trip for our anniversary in January…. We both want to go to go out West!

Hmm…I still feel antsy. Maybe I had too much coffee… :)
What’s going on with all of you?


momyof3girls said...

You crack me up!! That was a fun read!! What's up with me? Well, I am finished with school for the summer!!! Today was our last day! Yay!! We are gearing up for a vacation to Mom and Dad's with a visit to see you and Bruce!! So excited!! And then, Scott and I just celebrate 12 years on Sunday, and he has given me a card every day, that is 5 cards!!! I just LOVE him so much!! And I totally know what you mean about being able to laugh with each other. Serious is way overrated!! I hope your antsyness settles soon! Love you!!

Jocelyn said...

Haha to snatching cute jewelry from others! You make me laugh! I totally agree with you on the fun crazy stuff though! I have been having a blast making some new stuff. Yea for fresh fruit season being almost here! We are getting ready for vacation to the beach. Eeeek less than 2 weeks and I have a ton to do!!! I better start getting antsy!!!