Friday, February 26

3 Dates!

I had 3 "dates" today!  So fun! 

The first was with a college friend who I am just starting to get to know.  I love her already!  She's open and honest about good things and bad things.  She's artsy and fun, has a great laugh, and a great smile.  We went to Barnes & Noble and "oohed and ahhed" over the wall of journals (seriously, WHEN did they get all of those!).  She will coming for craft night soon...   

The second was with one of my college friends who has been with us since the very beginning of the college ministry.  It's amazing what a big part of my life she is now - I sort of think of her as my younger sister or something.  She's a smart, amazing, beautiful girl - the kind of girl that I would hope my daughter would be, if I had one.  And I love how we can laugh together, or talk seriously together, or even just be quiet and watch a movie together. 

The third is still going on actually - it's with Bruce.  We didn't go anywhere.  We actually stayed in, took a little snooze, made breakfast for dinner (YUM!), and now we're watching some quirky movie...  But it's always special being with him.  I'm so blessed to have him.   
Yeah, it's been a good day.  :)

BTW If you haven't already tried the Black Cherry Mocha at Starbucks, it's worth a taste.  Kinda different.  I enjoyed it for a change.  I think I'll try the Cinnamon Dolce Latte next time...

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Sam said...

I love you Becky!! :)